Installing OracleText-schema (CTXSYS)

Trying to install APEX 4.0 on a 10gR2-DB I was stopped with this message:

"Application Express installation requires the Oracle Text database component"

The manual says it is needed for the online-help or so. Anyway I need it to do the install.
Checking the server-install I found the OracleText component already installed on my server. After some googling I knew that the OracleText is stored in the schema CTXSYS. Remembering that schema from some other DBs I checked their install-scripts and found a context.sql. This site confirmed me and so I got to SQL+ and run:

@$ORACLE_HOME/ctx/admin/catctx.sql change_on_install SYSAUX TEMP NOLOCK;

connected as CTXSYS and run:

@$ORACLE_HOME/ctx/admin/defaults/dr0defin.sql "AMERICAN";

to set the default country,

and had the desired OracleText in my DB. Going to install APEX 4.0….