Bad filenames after “ZIPing” files from Linux to Windows

I need to copy the whole images-directory of our Mediawiki from a Linux-Box to a Windows-Machine. But no matter if I tar or zip the files, the filenames with non-ASCII-characters (ü,ö,ä,…) are messed up after unziped on Windows. All those non-ASCII-chars are shown as squares or other obscure characters under Windows. Not just that they look ugly this way, the Mediawiki won’t find these files anymore as their names changed referred to the entry in the wiki’s database.

Again it smells like an encoding-problem. How nice it would be, if the whole IT-world would just use unicode.

Our Linux is a RedHat 5 where the command “locale” shows this:


Don’t know what charset this “C” is meant to be. Edit 2012-10-18: “C” seems to mean charset “ANSI-C”. I thought all Linuxes use UTF-8 per default but at least for ours this seems not to be true. We found two solutions:

1.) Use WinSCP to copy all files over from Linux to Windows. This way the filenames get converted to Window’s own charset WIN1252.

2.) Change the charset of the Linux-console explicitly to UTF-8 prior to ZIP the files. Under Bash I do this:

export LANG=de_DE.UTF-8

Afterwards I zip the files using 7zip (in 7z-Format!). When I unzip them under Windows with 7zip too, all is fine. Using the normal ZIP-command to compress under Linux still messed up my filenames.


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